Mission: These individuals assist in the maintenance of church facilities and grounds.

Description: A group of parishioners who perform various tasks such as electrical, plumbing, power washing etc. as needed or when asked.

                   Contact:  Rene Richardel 985-870-7119 or Mike Pitre 985-227-3778



Mission:  Lead the strategic planning for the Facilities of Holy Savior Catholic Church.


Description:  The Facilities Management Ministry will evaluate, plan, and recommend improvements related to the facilities of Holy Savior Catholic Church.  This effort involves coordination with engineers, architects, contractors, and other professionals as required in support of the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan.  The long term Strategic Plan for all facilities will be developed, maintained, and implemented in consultation with the Holy Savior Parish Council.  The Strategic Plan will continuously be updated to reflect the need for repairs, renovations and improvements to existing structures, in addition to evaluating the need to either add new facilities, or eliminate existing facilities.

          Contact: Rene Leonard



Mission: The Fundraiser Committee’s purpose is to organize fund raising events in order to raise money for the church.


Description: We have organized and sponsored the following events: Annual Steak Dinner, Annual Raffle, Time for Tea, and Annual Lenten Meals.

                   Contact: Malvina Sapia



Mission: Holy Communion is carried to the homebound who request this sacrament.


Description: In order to provide a loving Catholic relationship with Our Lord, the ministers strive to increase, supplement, or even initiate the sacramental life of our parishioners who are physically unable to attend Holy Mass and other parish activities on a regular basis.  Homebound parishioners are visited on a weekly basis.  This ministry represents to them the church in a personal, spiritual, and familial level.  Close bonds are formed, and mutual love and admiration is a frequent and natural bonus in this ministry.

                   Contact: Jene DeCuir



Mission: Holy Communion is carried to St. Anne’s Hospital for Catholic patients.


Description: Every Thursday, an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist from this Holy Savior ministry group takes the Blessed Sacrament to the Catholic patients at St. Anne Hospital in Raceland.  The ministers cooperate with the hospital staff in observing who can ingest the Host, who can be ministered to by prayer only, and such concerns.  We are blessed with many opportunities of witnessing the joy of a patient receiving Our Lord when he least expects it and most certainly needs it.

                   Contact: Jene DeCuir



Mission: Our mission is to visit parishioners in their homes, at least once a month, and to share with them stories of the parish, in order to make them informed and appreciative of their role in our church history.


Description: We strive to visit each of these parishioners at least once a month, to share with them the ongoing stories of the parish and their own stories of families long separated by time and trials.  Understanding that their sacramental life might be weak, we attempt to move them, gradually and lovingly, back into the church.  When time and opportunities permit, these parishioners might be included in our Holy Savior Parish Eucharistic Visits ministry.

                Contact: Jene DeCuir



Mission: To prepare meals/refreshments when called upon by the church.


Description: This ministry will work with the various church groups in providing refreshments for various church events, socials, and celebrations.

                   Contact: Hazel Morvant @ 532-0230 or the rectory @ 532-3533



Mission: The Jesse Tree Committee’s purpose is to help the needy children in our Lockport community with Christmas gifts.


Description: The committee meets in the fall to discuss the best method to collect from local schools the names of families who are in need.  There is an application process for parents, and then the committee meets to decide which family will qualify for the program.

                   Contact: Mona Pierce



Mission: The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society of Catholic men. The philosophy of Columbianism is to “...offer a firm infrastructure which champions the causes of the Church as a service to Christ.”


Description: The Lockport Council participates in many Supreme Council and State Council sponsored programs. Programs and activities such as Pro-Life, Seminarian and Clergy Support and Recognition, K.C. Fraternal Insurance Program, Youth Expansion Program (Y.E.P.), Catholic Youth Leadership Awards, Mentally Handicapped Citizens Campaign, Vocations Awareness, K.C. Abbey Summer Youth Camp, Youth Free-throw Contests, Family of the Month and Family of the Year Program and Evangelization. Other local programs in which the Council participates include the support of Holy Savior Catholic Church and School, Cursillo Movement, Lockport Fall Food Festival, feeding of the elderly and needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, support of V.H. Boudreaux Senior Citizens Center, Diocesan Memorial for the Aborted Unborn.


K.C. Council 3054 is open to Catholic men eighteen years and older who qualify as “practicing Catholics in communion with the Holy See”.  Monthly business meetings are held on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM with the officers’ meeting held on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Knights of Columbus Home, 719 Seventh Street, Lockport, LA. 

                   Contact: Warren Vedros



Mission: To support K.C. Council 3054, the Lockport community, and Holy Savior Catholic Church and their activities.


Description: Membership is open to any lady, 18 years or older, related to a Knight, living or deceased, in any council, who is currently in good standing.  Our auxiliary is the largest in the state.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7PM at the KC Home in Lockport and have our installation in July.  We have a Columbus Day social with our knights and a family barbecue in June. The auxiliary has a monthly fund raiser with knights selling homemade desserts with their plate lunches, two garage sales a year (March and October), and a casino trip to Cypress Bayou every other month.

                   Contact: Malvina Sapia



Mission: Matthew 25 is a parish volunteer disaster response program for the diocese in order to assist those less fortunate in planning and coordinating aid and assistance during a natural disaster.


Description: We were organized in 2006 to discuss a Parish Disaster Plan which initially included fourteen main areas/roles and responsibilities for each parish to consider.  Each church parish was to focus on three or four of the fourteen areas to concentrate on.  Team members offer primary assistance and follow up care to disaster victims.

                   Contact: Doyle Rogers



Mission: Promotes parish ministries and encourages opportunities for active participation in church life.


Description:  The Ministry Fair is held every few years to showcase the various ministries that parishioners can participate in serving the Church. 

                   Contact: Warren Vedros



Mission: To further the kingdom of God through clerical work.


Description: Volunteers answer the phone and door, fold bulletins, mail correspondences, attach labels for Holy Water bottles, count mass offerings, and any other tasks asked of them.

                   Contact: Fran Boudreaux @ 985-532-3533



Mission: Holy Savior’s Parish Picnic is a parish-unifying event which promotes Christian fellowship and service.


Description: Committees are organized to carry out the various tasks to insure a successful picnic: Mass, food, games, facility set-up, etc.

                   Contact: Warren Vedros



Mission: A commitment of its members to help families in need in our church parish regardless of race or religious affiliation.


Description: We are primarily an emergency assistance group.  Services offered include help with utility bills, medicine, food, and personal needs, as well as other emergency situations.  We are financially supported through our religious gift store, the poor box, the Holy Thursday offering, St. Joseph Altar offering, and individual (private) and civic donations.  When needed, we ask for personal supplies and food from our parishioners.  There is a process (application) that individuals must undergo to seek help from our organization.

                   Contact: Mona Arcement @ 985-532-3533



Mission:  The purpose of this ministry is to erect an altar in honor of St. Joseph on his feast day allowing community members to visit the beautiful altar and pray to St. Joseph.


Description:  Members meet before the altar is erected to bake the traditional cookies and cakes that go on the altar.  A three-tiered altar is built and beautifully decorated with the St. Joseph statue in the center.  Often religious statues and pictures are also placed with the traditional foods.  The altar is sponsored by the Altar Society.

                   Contact: Arvella Dupre