Mission: To encourage our Church Family members to pray daily for school and CCD teachers and their students for protection and direction in their lives.


Description: At the beginning of the academic school year, parishioners will be able to select the names of individual teachers in order to keep them and their students in prayer during that school year.  Please contact the parish office to include a teacher who may not be in our local schools.

                   Contact: Linda Arcement



Mission: To prayerfully support the Confirmation candidates.


Description: Each Prayer Partner lifts his/her candidate in prayer daily.  Small gifts and cards are sent to candidates to let them know that they are not alone in their faith journey and to encourage them throughout the year.

                   Contact: Monica Loupe



Mission: The purpose of this ministry is to increase devotion to and trust in Jesus’s mercy for all.


Description: On Divine Mercy Sunday (the Sunday after Easter) participants gather in church at 3 PM.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet, as given to Saint Faustina, is prayed; images of His mercy are venerated, and selected readings from St. Faustina are shared.  Adoration with the Litany is offered.

                   Contact: Dolores and Daniel Legendre @ 532-3533



Mission:  To encourage the faithful to visit and adore the Blessed Sacrament.


Description: The Holy of Holies Adoration Chapel, located on the church side of the church office, is available to adorers 24 hours a day, 7 days of a week.  The chapel is locked for security for the Blessed Sacrament and safety for adorers. To obtain access to the chapel, contact the parish office.



Mission: The mission is to give life to the four pillars of our holy institution as modeled by our blessed and spiritual Father, St. Dominic: prayer, study, preaching and community.


Description:  The group of approximately twenty-five active members meets monthly to pray together the Divine Liturgy of the Hours, to study a topic associated with the Dominican Order or Holy Mother Church, to share opportunities for the members to exercise the charism of preaching, and to report any incidents pertinent to addressing prayer, study, preaching, and community.  A composite of the ministries served by one or more of the Lay Dominicans indicates that we are active in at least fifty church-associated activities in the church parishes of Holy Savior, St. Mary’s Nativity, St. Hilary of Poitiers, and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.  In addition to the active members, another twenty-five are presently inactive but are considered prayer partners and remain associated with the chapter in light of their professions-admission, temporary, and/or permanent.

                   Contact: Jene DeCuir



Mission: The purpose of the Life Chain is to come together as a community to peacefully pray for an end to abortion.


Description: The ministry gathers annually in a public space to silently pray and be a visible witness to end abortion.  Participants line up on Highway 1 in Lockport standing 25 feet apart.  Signs explaining the horror of abortion are held for all motorists to read.  Prayer cards, pamphlets, Pro-life t-shirts, and other educational materials are available at the Life Chain event.

                   Contact: Priscilla Scioneaux



Mission: Our mission of the May Crowning and Living Rosary(\(\(\(\(October) is to carry out a special devotion to honor our Most Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Jesus and Queen of the Whole World.


Description:  Our ministry consists of all who want to participate in honoring our Blessed Mother with the annual crowning and live flowers for the month of May to renew our faith and dedication to the Rosary. We encourage all to participate in renewing their devotion to our Blessed Mother. Our young children lead and present the crown, the flowers, the music, and the rosaries.  We hope to plant in the hearts of all the meaning of the rosary.  In October we honor Our Blessed Mother by offering a Living Rosary which involves the children of the CCD program as well as adult parishioners.

                   Contact: Nancy Badeaux



Mission: The Men’s Prayer Group is a group of devout Christian men, called by God, who meet weekly for prayer, study, fellowship, and support, so that they may mature in His Service.


Description: This group meets weekly on Sunday evenings in the Adoration Chapel to pray the Rosary, read and discuss the upcoming Sunday readings, and honor personal petitions through prayer.

                   Contact: Stacey Gautreaux        



Mission: To provide devotions for adoration, intercession, thanksgiving, petition.


Description:  Presently the Our Lady of Perpetual Help is recited weekly on Tuesdays after mass.



Mission: The purpose of this group is to proclaim the Gospel of Life and to pray to protect all life from conception to natural death.  These efforts are placed under the protection of our patroness, the Blessed Mother.


Description: Members attend the First Saturday mass of each month which is offered for evangelization and the protection of all life.  After the mass, members recite a pro-life rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet together.

                   Contact: Daniel and Dolores Legendre



Mission: Our small Christian Community is a group of friends sharing our faith and love, praying in the presence of God, studying the Bible, praising God in song, gathering under the mantle of Our Lady of the Bayou with a mission to make our lives better and to positively affect the lives of those around us.


Description: We do a Bible Study each meeting; we sing and pray for the needs of the community and our parish.  We have a prayer line that friends or relatives call us to pray for their needs.

                   Contact: Carol Guidry