Mission: To assist at the altar in the celebration of the mass and other liturgical celebrations.       



                    Contact: Stacey and Julie Gautreaux



Mission:  The society shall consist of parishioners dedicated to keeping the altar, sanctuary, and vestibule prepared  for celebrations of the Eucharist. 


Description:  The Altar Society has bylaws that are voted on every two years with the election of officers.  We have expanded the duties to cleaning the entire church.  We are also responsible for Bereavement, the praying of the Rosary for funerals, and the St. Joseph Altar.  We meet quarterly on the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October.

                   Contact: Arvella Dupre



Mission: To offer support and appreciation to our civil servants and military.


Description: At a vigil mass, our civil servants and military are honored for their dedication and service to our country and community.

                   Contact: Rodney Hartman



Mission:  To assist the Priest in distributing the Precious Body and Blood of Christ during the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations.


Description: Ministers must be at least 18 years old, in good standing with the parish, and living and practicing their faith daily.  They are expected to participate in any training and/or classes that may be required.  Schedules are issued quarterly.  If a scheduling conflict occurs, it is the responsibility of the Extraordinary Minister to secure a substitute. The group occasionally meets for meetings, practice, training, socials, etc.

                   Contact: Stacey and Julie Gautreaux



Mission: Liturgical Environment prepares the décor of the church in accordance to the Liturgical Season.


Description: This ministry works closely with the Altar Society to prepare the church for special feast days (Christmas and Easter) and promotes a working relationship with the priest and other lay-people in preparing special liturgies.  This ministry decorates the church to enhance the mass.

                   Contact: Curtis Arcement @



Mission: To bring comfort and blessings to all of those who have lost a loved one during the year.


Description: This mass honors all deceased who were buried at Holy Savior during the year.  Two letters are sent to families reminding them about the mass.  Personal contact is made with each family.  Mass participants are usually family members.

                   Contact: Linda Arcement



Mission: To prayerfully proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture with the exception of the Gospel.


Description: Readers share in the privilege of proclaiming the Word of God at all Sunday masses and other liturgies and offering the intentions for the Prayers of the Faithful.  Being a reader also calls for sacrifice--an investment in time and energy to effectively communicate the Sacred Scriptures to the people of Holy Savior.

                   Contact: Julie and Stacey Gautreaux



Mission: To create by instrumental or vocal renditions a desire in the congregation to deepen their prayer thoughts, appreciate the existing service, encourage reverence, spread a new and wider understanding of their faith, and exist in a kinship or bond.


Description: Our music ministry consists of the Harmony Choir, the Mixed Choir, the Guitar Group, and individual song leaders with an organist.   Music is chosen to enhance the liturgy.  A mass schedule is issued by the chairperson of music ministry which indicates who is responsible for the individual masses and suggested music.  There is no music at the 7 AM mass.  Weddings and funerals are arranged through the rectory, and a family member is responsible for contacting the musician of choice.

                   Contact: Wanda Detillier 



Mission: The purpose of the Sacristan is to prepare the church for the liturgies and to insure that the liturgical appointments are returned to their proper places.


Description: The sacristan oversees and keeps in order the worship space (including the sanctuary, the nave, and the gathering area) and the sacristy. The sacristan is the person who is appointed to be available to prepare everything needed for the liturgy.

                   Contact: Gay Orgeron



Mission: The school Mass Coordinator prepares the church for school liturgies and insures that the liturgical appointments are returned to their proper places.     


Description: The coordinator organizes volunteers who help to set up for the mass whether it is held in the church proper or school gym.

                   Contact:  Glenda Blanchard



Mission:  “Lord, You gather all Your people into church.”  To serve the faith community by welcoming members and visitors to the celebration of the Eucharist.


Description: The ushers are here to help serve in a Christ-like manner, greet all when they enter the church, find a place to be seated, be alert to the needs of all in a prayerful, patient and helpful way, and do collections, handout bulletins, and monitor what is taking place at all times, so there will be no interruption of the mass.

                   Contact: Dr. Harvey Detillier