Mission: To foster spiritual growth in our church and community by offering study opportunities about our Catholic faith.


Description: Throughout the Liturgical Year, opportunities such as Bible study, retreats, missions, and classes on learning more about our Catholic faith will be offered.

                   Contact: Jene DeCuir or Lotty Cantrelle



Mission: To offer instruction to parents and godparents regarding the sacrament of Baptism and their responsibility in the practice of our Faith.


Description: Once a month, a facilitator meets with parents and godparents who plan on having a child baptized.  An explanation of the Baptismal Rite and its meaning and godparent responsibility is discussed.  Contact the parish office for more information.

                   Contact: Karen Charpentier



Mission:  Responsible for providing opportunities of fellowship in order for youth to deepen their relationship with God, the Church and each other.


Description: This ministry participates in the Junior High Faith Experience and Youth Rally.


FOCCUS (Facilitate, Open, Couple, Communication, Understanding, Study)

Mission: Prepares couples for the Sacrament of Marriage.


Description: We meet with couples, explain the process, emphasize that the FOCCUS survey not a test, administer the instrument, and mail the instrument to the Diocese Family Ministry Office. The facilitators meet again with the couple, review the results with them, fill out an evaluation sheet and give all paperwork to the priest.  This information is confidential with only the FOCCUS couple and the priest marrying the couple seeing this information. Information is kept at the Diocese under initials.

                   Contact: Hank and Beverly Boudreaux



Mission: To catechize adults who have not received one or more sacraments of the church. We try to give them a spiritual foundation from which they can choose to become a fully functioning Catholic, and ideally, from which they can continue to study and to appreciate the church.


Description: The group of interested adults wishing to participate and our facilitator meet every week for eight to nine months for formal and informal instruction in our Church.  These individuals might be studying for Confirmation only, or for Baptism, and/or Eucharist and Reconciliation.  The sessions are conducted on the basis of where each participant is in his spiritual life.  From a group of strangers, the participants quickly form a family of love and trust.  The group is strongly persuaded to remain faithful to the Church after this instruction is over, by consistent participation in Holy Mass and Eucharist, and by active association with a parish ministry of their interest.

                   Contact: Jene DeCuir



Mission: Works in collaboration with the Pastor to develop and maintain comprehensive catechetical programs for youth and children, kindergarten through grade 11.


Description: The DRE communicates an enthusiasm for the Catholic faith among our young people and their families, plans and oversees the parish religious education program, including sacramental preparation, facilitates parent and catechist meetings, retreats, and workshops, and serves as a resource for youth ministry events.  The DRE is also expected to give oral and written reports to the Pastoral Council and the Ministry Coordinators.

                   Contact: Kecera Rodrigue @ 532-3533



Mission: To insure that all children and youth who worship, study, or participate in the activities sponsored by our parish can do so in the safest, most secure setting possible.


Description: Any adult working with children must be certified in safe environment standards.  Participants must go through a background check, provide letters of recommendation, and attend the initial or ongoing training yearly.  This training can also be done online.

                   Contact: Robyn Denson @ 985-532-3533



Mission: To give children of the parish an experience of community and faith during summer.


Description: For one week in June we offer our children the opportunity to participate in Vacation Bible School. This half-day VBS provides much fun, faith-filled activities: arts and crafts, music, games, story-telling, and snacks.

                   Contact:  Kecera Rodrigue @ the parish office 532-3533